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2nd Vice DR

Message from 2nd Vice District Representative

Bro. John Maher

Bro. Anthony Kadri


I would first like to thank everyone for getting their quarterly forms turned in, registering for your respective state workshops, and turning in your D7-1010 forms. If you have not yet turned those in or have recently updated them then please send them to me ASAP.

It was also good seeing the 7th District Represented well at the Leadership Conference in Kansas City Missouri.  I want to thank all the brothers that registered and attended. I also want to congratulate these Brothers for winning scholarship awards at the Leadership Conference:

Bro. David Daniels – District Scholar of the Year – University of Alabama – Beta Eta

Bro. Micah Baisden – Grand Basileus Award – Forth Valley State University – Upsilon Sigma

Bro. Michael Frazier – George R. Meares Memorial Scholarship – Beta Psi – Currently w/ Mu Mu Mu

Bro. Hugh Hunter – Undergraduate Scholarship Grant – Emory University – Pi Delta Delta

There were many different leadership tools and tips given amongst all the meetings and breakout sessions at the conference. One thing that I wanted to relay to everyone from the Leadership Conference is that leadership is an attitude, and that people don’t follow plans, they follow leaders. We were also informed about a new social action initiative that the Fraternity is adopting called, ‘STOP THE VIOLENCE.’  The purpose of this initiative is to establish in the Fraternity, through each Chapter, a consistent anti-violence message that resonates throughout our Brotherhood. Additionally, to have the Fraternity take an annual leading role in developing community-based solutions to reduce the level of domestic violence, sexual assault, youth and gun violence. Each Chapter's work with a community domestic violence/sexual assault/youth violence support group will ensure continual engagement and work by our Fraternity to reduce violence in our communities. This is not a one-time effort. It is an annual commitment.

As your 2nd Vice DR, I want to help aid the Fraternity in jump starting this initiative by having 100% participation with this social action initiative. I am requiring that each Chapter that’s not suspended, on interim suspension, or inactive create at least 1 social action program for the Stop the Violence initiative. I know the semester is about to start and programs are being planned, so I wanted to get this out the brothers as soon as possible.

This is a MANDATORY social action program and the deadline for this is by Thursday October 31, 2013. I have attached a “write-up” template to this email. I need brothers to write up their program and send to me. I also need pictures sent to me also. I will compile the pictures and create a PowerPoint slide presentation showing which Chapters completed the program as a District at the District Meeting in Atlanta, GA on April 10-14th. This link below/pdf attachment further describes the initiative and ways for brothers to create a Stop the Violence program on their respective campus. I would also like to be kept informed and notified in advance on what day and time your Chapter plan to have this program so that I can attempt to make a visit myself to your campus to provide support. I will not be able to make it to everyone’s program, but I will make a point to visit as many Chapters as possible based on my schedule.  

I highly encourage brothers TO NOT WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE/DAYS to complete this program. Let’s take this serious as Omega Men and use this as another way to leave an impact on peoples’ lives.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need ideas, please feel free to contact me via email or on my cell phone at 770-361-7958.

Link to .pdf file about program (A MUST READ):

Write up Form Link:



Bro. Anthony Kadri
2nd Vice District Rep.